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 “Kaneshichi Shoten Sushi Hiroki” is
You can truly enjoy the essence of Edomae style.
A rich time can be found here.

We only use ingredients carefully selected by the owner, so that you can enjoy the seasonal flavors.
We are particular about everything about sushi, placing importance on freshness and quality, and making the most of its unique flavors.
A number of items that have been carefully worked on.

We use safe, domestically grown vegetables to serve our dishes with confidence.
We only use natural fish and carefully selected fish from nearby waters whenever possible. The taste of the rice itself,
Shari that has been carefully cooked down to the right level. They also make use of their unique characteristics,
We strive to use the highest level of skill.

In order to blend the toppings with the shari and create the perfect melt-in-the-mouth texture,
A craftsman's thoroughly honed ``grip'' technique.
Edomae was created by carefully considering the compatibility of the materials.
Please enjoy the condensed commitment and pure rice sake that goes into it.

Total 11 seats. We are a small shop, so please make a reservation before you visit.

Kaneshichi Shoten Sushi Hiroki OwnerHiroki Takasaki




Leave it to me

15,000 yen (16,500 yen including tax)

Appetizer, sashimi, a la carte (2 types), 10 pieces of nigiri


8,000 yen (8,800 yen including tax)

Appetizer/10 pieces of nigiri (Other selections are also available.)



Various soft drinks from 500 yen (550 yen including tax) ~ Various alcoholic beverages from 800 yen (880 yen including tax)

We have a wide variety of beer, sake, shochu, wine, etc. Please feel free to contact us.



Store name
Kaneshichi Shoten Sushi Hiroki

Sakai Building 3F, 3-3-7 Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo

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business hours

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